Please note: MEDITERRANEAN SERVICES LLC is hereafter mentioned as MSLLC; the guest is hereafter mentioned as ‘’the client’’

The conditions hereafter regulate the relations between the Clients and MSLLC, owner of the properties as detailed in our web site and aiming at the rental of such properties for temporary tourist use.

Before booking, the Client is asked to contact MSLLC in order to have confirmation of the availability of the accommodation in which he is interested. Should the availability be confirmed, only on explicit request by the Client, a provisional option of 2 days (48 hours) will follow.
Within this term, in order to confirm the reservation, the Client will have to send an e-mail with:
A – The leasing, duly filled in and signed. Minors are not allowed to make bookings.
B – A receipt of payment, according to hereafter art. 3/A (please note: payments are to be made through bank remittances within 48 hours following the provisional date of option. Failure to this will cause the cancellation of the provisional booking).

3.A – The Client will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit based on a variable percentage on the rental, within 48 hours following the provisional option (the amount depends on the requested accommodation).
3.B – The balance is to be sent 8 weeks (56 days) before the Client’s arrival. Together with the balance, the Client – if necessary and clearly requested – will also have to send payment for the so called ‘’breakage deposit’’.
3.C – MEDITERRANEAN SERVICES LLC reserves the right to cancel bookings if the payment is not made within the agreed terms (see Cancellations art. 8)
3.D – For bookings made less than 8 weeks before the Clients’ arrival, full payment will be requested upon confirmation.

4.A – Once the leasing is received, duly signed, and once all requested payments are made, MSLLC will confirm the booking sending the Client a detailed e-mail. The Client will be asked to carefully check the e-mail sent by MSLLC and to contact MSLLC if any piece of information contained in the document is wrong or incomplete: Should he fail to inform MSLLC of possible mistakes or inaccuracy, later changes will not be possible.
4.B – The leasing will bind both parties when MSLLC receives the booking leasing and the receipt of the breakage deposit sent by the Client.

5.A – Prices are shown in Euro and are meant for a week or for a day as specified in the leasing.
5.B – All properties are rented completely furnished and equipped. Additional services and exceptions are clearly detailed in the description of each single property.

6.A – A breakage deposit is requested to cover all costs of possible damages or breakages caused to properties or for extraordinary cleaning, telephone expenses, and/or other services which are not included in the cost of the rental. Such deposits are to be paid upon arrival.
6.B – The breakage deposit will be returned to the Client upon departure and after checking the rented property.
6.C – All costs pertaining to bills/breakages and /or additional services will be deducted from the breakage deposit and the balance – if any - will be returned to the Client. Should the breakage deposit be less than the amount of damages or of additional costs, MSLLC reserves the right to ask the Client to pay the balance before his departure.
6.D – Shouldn’t damage be noticed upon the Client’s departure, MSLLC reserves the right to ask for indemnity for damages noticed after the Client’s departure.

Should it be the case of an unlikely substantial change or of a booking cancellation by MSLLC, the Client will be immediately informed though an e-mail. If requested and if possible MSLLC will try to suggest alternative booking solutions with similar features of type/price/standard. In alternative, all amounts deposited by the Client will be fully refunded.

8.A – Any cancellation by the Client (whatever the reason) must be promptly sent in writing to MSLLC by registered letter or by e-mail. The actual date of cancellation is the date when MSLLC receives a written advice.
8.B – Should the Client cancel 8 weeks or more before his arrival, he will only lose the already paid deposit.
8.C – Should the Client cancel 4 weeks before arrival, he will lose – besides the deposit – 50% of the already paid total amount.
8.D – Should the Client cancel only two weeks before his arrival, he will lose the whole amount.

9.A – The Client is supposed to keep the property, the equipment, the furniture, the tools, the externals, the gardens and whatever contained in the property in the same condition of usage, order, cleaning and functioning in which he finds them when he starts his holidays. He is considered responsible for any damage, loss or breakage caused by him during his stay in the property. MSLLC suggests he draws up an adequate insurance travel policy. MSLLC reserves the right to keep the total amount or part of the amount of the breakage deposit for extraordinary cleaning and to ask for the payment of the amount of money to be paid to repair damages when such amounts are higher than the breakage deposit itself.

Only the number of guests shown in the web site or in the form sent to the Client and specified in the leasing can have access to the property, unless the Client and MSLLC agree on different terms. The maximum number of guests allowed in the property, including children, cannot be exceeded. MSLLC reserves the right to cease the rental with no previous notice and with no refund or compensation if the number of guests is not the one agreed on.

MSLLC or one of the delegates will have the right to enter the property to inspect its condition before the Client’s departure. MSLLC will moreover have the right to enter the property for urgent maintenance works. Gardeners and the staff are allowed to enter the property during the Client’s stay.

The leasing signatory is responsible for the correct and decent behaviour of people staying in the property. Shouldn’t the Client or one of the guests behave in the proper way, MSLLC reserves the right to cease the stay of these guests. In such a situation, the guest(s) will have to leave the property. MSLLC will not be held responsible towards this/these person(s) and moreover no refund will be made and no amount will be refunded because of possible consequences due to the cease of the stay during which the guest(s) have had an incorrect behaviour.

A few services, such as for example staff on duty, waiters and chefs, are not included in the weekly price. It is nevertheless possible to request and to book them through the request form in the web site.

14 – LINEN
14.A – Linen is included in most properties (usually one set per person). Linen is changed once a week. Should the Client request more frequent changes (at an extra cost) he must inform MSLLC when booking.
14.B – For Clients with small children, MSLLC suggests the Clients he inquires about the availability of a small bed and of linen for the bed. For best comfort, MSLLC suggests the Clients they should bring their own linen for the children.

15.A – Swimming pools are not usually open all year so please ask MSLLC about the period of opening. In no case MSLLC can be held responsible for the temperature of the water in the swimming pool at any time of the year.
15.B – Guests are requested to well bear in mind that swimming pools have their own risks. Upon arrival, the Client and all the group members should familiarize with the location, the structure and the depth of the swimming pool. Children are not allowed to go alone near the swimming pool.

 If the Client wishes to arrange a particular event (for instance a party, a wedding, a cocktail party) inside the property he must ask MSLLC for a specific permission. At CSV’s discretion, the Client could be asked to pay for an extra price and/or for a higher breakage deposit.

 Any valuable left inside the property is left at the guests’ own risk. MSLLC is not responsible for any possible loss. If present, the alarm systems should be used as well as safes and the maximum must be done to prevent burglars to easily enter the property. It is essential – and the guests’ responsibility – that guests lock their property doors and windows carefully. No refund will be possible if the Client decides to leave the property because of theft, unless it is demonstrated that MSLLC has not informed the Client about the existence of an alarm system.

18.A – Arrivals are usually between 5 pm and 7 pm, local time. If guests are late, they will have to inform promptly the person mentioned in the information sheet supplied by MSLLC after the total payment. If guests arrive after 8 pm without informing us of their delay, they might not be able to enter the property until the next day, with no responsibility for MSLLC.
18.B – Any other arrival time must be agreed on with MSLLC
18.C – On the departure day, guests must leave the property within 10 am. If this is inconvenient, the Client should inform MSLLC when booking. MSLLC does not guarantee any change if the request is made after booking.

Transfers to and from the property are to be arranged by the Client. On request MSLLC can arrange a car rental or a transfer. Payments and contracts for services such as ferries, trains and local flights are to be done directly by the Client. MSLLC will not be held responsible for any transport service.

20.A – MSLLC reserves the right to make changes - with no notice- to the features of the properties, necessary for the full efficiency of the property itself. In order to continuously improve its properties MSLLC reserves the right to change the furnishing, the equipments, the objects or any other activity or part of it previously mentioned or available (see art. 7)
20.B – Should MSLLC be aware of changes in the property after a Client’s booking, MSLLC will send the information to the Client before his departure.
20.C – Distance shown are approximate. Timings referring to the duration of transfers are meant by car and not on foot.

21 – PETS
Pets are not usually accepted, unless previously agreed with MSLLC. MSLLC reserves the right to add an extra cost or to increase the amount of the breakage deposit. The presence of pets must be clearly specified when booking. Should the Client fail to do so, the owner reserves the right to ask the Client to leave the property with no refund.

22.A – Should the Client be unsatisfied with the rented property, he must contact immediately any MSLLC representative who will try to solve the problem
22.B – No complaints will be accepted after the end of the leasing period (should the Client leave the property before the end of the agreed leasing period without notice to a MSLLC representative, he will lose the right to any possible refund).
22.C – If the problem cannot be solved during the Client’s stay, the Client can send his complaint in writing within 7 days after the date of his return home.

23.A – MSLLC cannot be held responsible for noises and nuisances coming from outside of the property. Should an evident and considerable noise or any kind if nuisance appear before the Clients’ arrival, MSLLC will immediately inform the Client (see art. 7).
23.B – MSLLC cannot be held responsible neither for the breaking of mechanic equipments such as pumps, boilers, swimming pool straining systems, nor for the malfunction of public services such as water, gas and electricity and nor for the breaking of home equipments.
23.C – SVC cannot be held responsible if unable to supply services agreed in the leasing in case of calamities such as explosions, storms, accidents, fires, wars or war threats, civil revolts and moreover for actions, restrictions, laws and any measure decided by the government or by the local authorities. In addition to this, strikes, lock-outs, any industrial action, disputes and unfavourable weather conditions are to be included.
23.D – The Client exonerates MSLLC from any responsibility for direct or indirect damages caused to people and/or to personal belongings deriving from intentional or negligent facts perpetrated by anyone, unless there is a clear and heavy responsibility by MSLLC.

MSLLC reserves the right to rescind the contract through a written notice in case of:
24.A non-payment by the Client of the amount agreed in the terms and conditions contained in sub art. 3B
24.B non-payment of the breakage deposit in the terms and conditions contained in sub art. 6A
24.C the guests’ inappropriate behaviour, against the principles of correctness and good management of the property as contained in sub art. 12. In such case MSLLC will have the right to keep the amount paid as a breakage deposit without any refund.

25 – LAW
All clauses contained in this contract have an essential character and form a unique and indissoluble context, so that, due to the expressed agreement, the violation even of one of the above clauses will produce the cancellation of the leasing itself. This contract and whatever bound to it are regulated by the Italian law. Whatever dispute may arise in carrying out the leasing or in its interpretation and validity, the only place of jurisdiction will be the Court of Palermo. As to what unmentioned in this contract, the parties will have to comply with the regulations provided by Law 392/78 and following amendments in the Civil Code and by the regulations in force.

According to what established by Dlgs 196/2003 and following amendments and integrations, the Client declares to have been informed about the purpose and the formalities of the treatment, about the nature of the conferment, the consequences of a refusal, the persons to whom and in what sphere the data can be transmitted, the rights established by the law itself, the owner’s name and seat. According to this, the Client agrees to the treatment of his personal data on the base of the purposes and regulations specified and within the limits in which the consent is requested by law.