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Terme Segestane

Terme SegestaneSpending your holidays in villas in Scopello does not have to mean only enjoying wonderful panoramas, sun-bathing and swimming in a refreshing and clear seawater: a lot of activities and locations can be discovered in the charming area of Western Sicily, that really has plenty of opportunities to offer to tourists and visitors.

The whole island of Sicily is particularly famous for its volcanic origins and the peculiar characteristics of the ground. These peculiarities often involve the water running underground, that becomes rich in properties and substances that turn out to be very healthy for the human body. Since the Greek and Romans domination time, these waters have been exploited for thermal purposes: Terme Segestane are an example of healthy waters discovered very long time ago, and still nowadays famous for their properties.

The new Terme Segestane were built in the Sixties, but traces of their use are found in legends and stories coming from ancient Greece. One of these says that Aeneas left a group of weak, elderly Trojan refugees in this area because of the advantage they could take from the healing properties of its waters.

Nowadays, Terme Segestane are open to visitors that want to benefit from the three sulphureous springs flowing naturally from the ground at a temperature of 44 to 46 degrees. One of these, “Women’s bath”, is on the outside, whereas “The Queen’s grotto” and “The new spring” are inside the SPA establishment, with wonderful Roman vault ceilings.

The healing waters of Terme Segestane (technically named “mineral, hypertermal, sulphureous, sulphate-alkaline salty, earthy-alkaline” waters) are very helpful for treating or preventing a wide range of issues: from skin diseases to rheumatic pains, as well as respiratory diseases that can be cured thanks to the water’s anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-phlegm properties.

Together with inhalation, aerosol therapy and nasal douching equipment, Terme Segestane also offer you hydro massage, an outdoor SPA-pool, a natural sauna and highly-effective mud therapies; during your holidays in villas in Scopello or in Castellammare del Golfo villas, a visit to this relaxing and quiet location can really make your day! And don’t forget to visit the wonderful Segesta, just a few minutes far, with an impressive ancient Doric temple and a stunning view from the Greek theatre upon a hilltop…

Don’t forget the opening hours – from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4.30 pm to midnight.