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Terme Gorga

Terme Gorga“Crimiso” is the ancient name that the Elymian people gave to the “warm river” from which the Terme Gorga waters come – very healthy waters that were known by the Greeks and the Romans, as Diodoro Siculo and Plinio tell in their paperworks.

Terme Gorga are located in the Calatafimi district, right near the Alcamo area, not far from the ancient Segesta and from Terme Segestane; the water flows from the spring to a natural basin where it keeps a temperature of 51 degrees, and is then collected for the thermal therapies. The properties of this water (mineral, hyper-thermal, alkaline-sulphureous) have been well-known since the Greek domination of the island and are nowadays appreciated and exploited for more than one treatment: mud therapy, natural caves or stoves, balneotherapy, inhalation therapy, endo-tympanic insufflation.

Muds and hot baths are used for the cure of chronic rheumatic diseases, arthrosis, post-traumatic issues, neuritis and neuralgia as well as some chronic skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis and so on. Saunas or stoves and caves are really helpful for all chronic diseases of the respiratory system, as well as circulatory problems; whereas inhalations and aerosol therapy are very much appreciated for the cure of chronic bronchitis, sinusitis and rhinitis as well as laryngitis and tracheitis.

And of course, there’s more for you to experience in Terme Gorga, for your relax and wellness: massages, gym, beauty shop, diets… all realized and supervised by professionals. Well-being, once again: the most important thing is keeping your body and soul healthy and relaxed. The waters of Terme Gorga will let you relax and let yourself be healed and cured by the regenerative power of nature, in a location that perfectly matches with the relaxing purpose of this structure: gentle green hills and the wonders of the Segesta archaeological site, and the beautiful blue sea of the Zingaro Nature Reserve and of the Gulf of Castellammare just a few kilometers far.