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Santa Ninfa Cave nature reserve

Santa Ninfa Cave nature reserveIn the hinterland of Trapani province, in a rural village in the Belìce valley between Selinunte and Segesta, lies the Santa Ninfa Cave that, with its karst phenomena, is considered by experts one of the most interesting spots in the whole Italy and Europe.

And this is why, back in 1998, a Nature Reserve has been realized, in order to preserve this precious place. The visit to the cave is really beautiful and impressive; it can be booked between March and November and with wide notice. This place is not just meant for speleologists, anyway; the cave has a lot of tunnels that have been shaped by water, and is rich in dome-shaped roofs and vaulted ceilings, stalactites and inflorescences shaped like flowers and coral. Together with beautiful stalactites that seem to challenge gravity, there are pisolites: very rare cave pearls, that can be found in limpid ponds.

Within the Reserve area lies another interesting archaeological find: Mount Finestrelle its name, "little windows", has been chosen because of the little rupestral tombs dating back to 2000 B.C.. Evidences, of course, of the very ancient human presence in this area.

As always, Sicily is always on top about its cultural, historical, archaeological, natural and landscape richness